Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Cancel & refund policy

Cancel the order:

1. If you ask to cancel the order within 6 hours after the order is completed, your order can be cancelled within 10% charge fee due to policy of payment gate.Please contact our customer service email or online chat in time.

2. If you ask to cancel the order more than 6 hours since the order is completed and before the time we ship out the items, we will charge a 10%-20% handling fee of the item price. (The fee is paid for order processing manpower cost)

4. If you ask to cancel the order after we ship out the items, the order couldn't be cancelled in this condition, hope you understand.

Exchange & Refund:
1. What is the Exchange & Refund policy?

Panda Power allows for exchanges if your item was missing, incorrect, damaged, or faulty.
All exchanges due to missing, incorrect, damaged, or faulty:
We're sorry you received a parcel with damaged, incorrect, or missing items/rewards! Let us know by contacting our Customer Service Team contact our Customer Service Team by email: with subject 'Missing Item', 'Wrong Item', or 'Damaged / Expired Item'.
Please also include the following details in your form:
- Image of the Item/Parcel(s) received
- Name of Item
- Order Number.
We will arrange to replace new packages

2. The exchange or refund will normally be processed within 3-5 business days. Once your refund is processed, your PayPal account or the original card you used to pay will receive a refund from us. If the return item is not as the original condition we shipped out it, you need to responsible for the inconsistent item(s), we couldn't begin to proceed with the exchange or refund until we reach an agreement with you.

3. If you don't receive a refund after a period of time we offered the refund, please check with PayPal or contact your origianl card bank you used to pay. It may take several business days for the refund shown at your account as this is an interantional transaction. You can also contact us to inquire about this, our email is

4. We do have a policy to refund or resend products if they were sent in the wrong size/color compared to the order confirmation, missing any items, or damaged during shipment in 15 days after the product is delivered.